Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama Out-Polling Bush in All 60 States!

Hi there! Please allow me to introduce myself... I am Marge N. Ferrer, official pollster of Obamanation. I will be stopping by from time to time to relate to you all the good news about the polling we are doing for Senator Obama in helping to shape... er, I mean... sample public opinion in advance of the November election.

This election already looks as if it is all over before it even begins, as Senator Obama has an insurmountable lead on the Republican incumbent President, George W. Bush, in every state AND the District of Columbia! In fact, I could not find a single poll from any organzation anywhere in which Bush even shows up with a statistically significant percentage of support in seeking his third term!

This just goes to show that the American people want change --- serious change --- and the President has no hope whatsoever of being re-elected! More later...

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