Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama's Red Army Uncle in the Attic

Our Messiah told us today that his beloved uncle was among the first troops to liberate Auschwitz!

I didn't even know our Messiah had Soviet blood in his veins! Why, this explains so much about his enlightened viewpoint, too! After all, he would never lie to us.

The more we learn about this sacred and holy man, the more we are determined that he must lead us into the future!

h/t: Some cracker named Purple Avenger at Ace of Spades.

btw: Ace of Spades? Is that some racist name there or what? Neocon scum!


Mistake Master said...

he got the name of the concentration camp wrong. Like you've never made a mistake when you refer to something from your great uncle's histiry...
This is such a pathetic site. You should just change the name to "We're White and We're Scared that this black man is going to team up with the Native Americans to put all us whie folks into work camps"

Rev. Right said...

You're preaching to the converted here, Brother Treehugger! We're on your side!

The Obamessiah doesn't get anything wrong though, he's just misunderstood or misquoted by neocons who try to discredit him!

If he says his uncle liberated Auschwitz, it must be true --- don't you go dissin' on the Messiah! There is no need to correct the record once the Messiah has spoken!

As for getting things wrong and being crapped all over for it, I agree, we need to cut a brother some slack! After all, its not like anybody ever makes fun of Bushitler for his gaffes. And when Dan Quayle "misspelled" potatoe, not a peep was ever uttered in jest. Silly wingnutz can't take a joke, anyhow!

Neocon scum just can't wait to lash out though. They be all up in the Messiah's grill any chance they get. Fascist pigs! But we'll show 'em, won't we?

BTW: Shhhhhhhh! Ixnay on the orkway ampscay! Keep it on the downlow!

Peace out!

Pizzaboy180 said...

would this be a member of his White family? lol. a member of the USA of KKK?!?!?