Thursday, May 29, 2008


Alright maggots, are you little piss ants done with your wailing and gnashing of teeth?
Right Correct, thought so.

Look, I've been in the military since 19 ought one and I know a thing or two about freedom. And when my nephew says things about Hope you better listen.

All this distraction about how he's visited 57 states is just that; A DISTRACTION. See, poor geography runs in the family. But DON'T LET THAT FOOL YOU! We still fought bravely for our enemies Israli friends in that concentration camp. Well, I did. Actually I freed the prisoners by myself. In the snow. After walking uphill for miles. With no shoes.

See I figure that my nephew has already done his part fighting for Joos. Through me! So I can completely understand how he views talking to other leaders rather than bombing them out of existence.

So in summary, I'm sorry that I got confused with that pesky east/west thing and liberated the wrong concentration camp. Like my nephew, I was merely trying to instill some Change in people that I Hoped were not Joos. And besides, our friends the Communists got all the credit.

Which is as it should be comrade.

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