Saturday, June 14, 2008

El Ché Admires the Messiah's Great Taste in Art

Greetings once again, my fellow Revolutionaries and True Believers! It is I, El Ché, proud and humble hero of the Obama movement, blogging to you from the confines of my cell here in the lowest circle of Hell.

Today, as I recover from having gigantic shards of broken glass floating in molten lava poured down my throat through a tube (...And let me tell you, that does things to one's stomach that even a hundred thousand bottles of Pepto Bismol could not help, if we even had access to such things! And if you think it hurts going in, just wait 'til it passes! Aye chihuahua! I cannot even describe the pain! But I digress...), I must take a moment to discuss with you all of the truly beautiful Obama posters I have been seeing out there! You, my dear Messiah, are a true master at the art of propaganda!

Surely, you know the posters of which I speak. Here are some examples...

The comrade who creates these beautiful posters for you? A bonafide Revolutionary!

Once more, I must commend you, my brother, as you so brazenly walk among those who are on the far-left fringe! Why, you even sent him a letter of thanks, which he posted on his very own website:

In case the peasants are having trouble reading your profound words of wisdom, I will make it easier...

"Dear Shepard,

I would like to thank you for using your talent in support of my campaign. The political messages involved in your work have encouraged Americans to believe they can help change the status-quo.

Your images have a profound effect on people, whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign. I am privileged to be a part of your artwork and proud to have your support. I wish you continued success and creativity.

Barack Obama"

Success? Creativity? Ah, jes! How can he help it, though, when he is inspired by such works of beauty! Certainly, you have seen some of the originals on which he bases so much of his "artwork", no?

It brings a tear to one's eye to know that the Revolution goes on!

This next one may not be one of Mr. Fairey's, but it is easily Ché's favorite!...

Had I not just endured the torture of several days of having my genitalia attached to a taffy-puller, I am most certain Little Ché would be standing at attention and saluting such a thing of raw beauty!

The majesty, the craftsmanship... it reminds me of the finest Communist propaganda posters of the bygone days of yesteryear. Why, it is almost as if I had seen it somewhere before...

Oh, jes! Of course, how silly of me! It seems all your poster-makers have a thing for classic Commie propaganda! It feels so good to be chic once more!

Of course, not just your posters have the flavor of the Communist movement, there is also the music! The band you chose to play at your rally in Portland, Oregon? The Decemberists? Bonísimo!

"That’s right: incredible as it sounds, the band blasts the Russian-language national anthem of the USSR at the beginning of every concert. And not the sanitized Putin version either — the old-guard Communist version that glorifies the Party of Lenin. Do I remember those lyrics well! As a former Soviet citizen, I have quite an emotional connection to this music: the Soviet-era one-channel radios used to play it at six every morning as a nationwide wakeup call, causing me hours of lost sleep. I tried to escape this dark memory by coming to America, but the American “progressives” just won’t let me forget.

What puzzles me is this: what connection can the Soviet national anthem possibly have with today’s young Americans who get so ecstatic every time they hear Obama’s promise of “change”? And what exactly is meant by “change”? Perhaps the words of the anthem will hold the answer:

In the victory of Communism’s deathless ideal,
We see the future of our dear land.
And to her fluttering scarlet banner,
Selflessly true we always shall stand!...

Through tempests the sunrays of freedom have cheered us,
Along the new path where great Lenin did lead.
To a righteous cause he raised up the peoples,
Inspired them to labor and valorous deed."

One last thing, Comrade. I believe that I have found your first appointment to the Supreme Court! He would would make a fine addition, no?

And now, sadly, I must go. I am due to be drawn and quartered and have my entrails fed to demons. But fear not, I shall return to share with you more of my wisdom on all things Revolutionary!

Here's to the future... to the New U.S.S.R.: the United States of Socialist Republics! Change we can believe in! Adios, muchachos!

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