Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fighting Slurs!

Okay I've been a little tipsy lately. I've been spending a lot of time in my underwear smelling cheese and carrots and vomit. It's been truly magical. But after that horrible Hillary gave it up I haven't really had anything to do. And Obama told me to keep my head down. Then he locked me in the basement. I like the attic better.

But my nephew, Prince of men that he is, put me to work setting up an "Internet War Room". And who better to lead a war than me, Uncle Ivan? I'm a true war hero after all (did I mention that I saved all those jooos from that awful camp when my jeep got drunk and I made a right turn instead of a left. Last time I'll do THAT I tells ya!).

Well I've made good progress setting up this internets thingy. I got some kids from Kos to come over and help me. Once they finished smoking pot they got me all hooked up. I don't know what this mouse thing is but it makes pretty when I move it in the tv. We're going to be targeting all those mean places that say bad things about my sweet sweet mis-understood muslim, er marxist, sorry..., NEPHEW. The joo baiting, whitey hating - half cracker. Oh man I need a drink...

Well, off to the keyboard. I'm going to start by painting horns on every picture of Condoleeza I can find. You can do that on the internet right?

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Uncle Ivan said...

Hey Chase! I had a rash too and Barack fixed it by just thinking about it. Isn't that WONDERFUL?!?! He's so dreamy. And it runs in the family!

I pretty much hate everyone.

Man I need a drink.

-Uncle Ivan