Sunday, October 12, 2008

So What If Obama's Not Eligible to Be Elected President Under the Constitution?

Stop trying to expose the truth! Acorn, Black Liberation Theology, Ayers & Dohrn, The New Party, etc., etc., etc.! Now this??? Shut up and worship your new Socialist overlord and savior, you racist pigs!!! And stop making these damned videos trying to get the truth out to American people!

And what exactly do you mean FACTCHECK.ORG is owned by Annenberg of Chicago??? So what! What they say is gospel! They are "non-partisan" and to be trusted implicitly when they repeatedly parrot the Obama campaign's talking points and deny the validity of any and all attacks on him! No conflict of interest there! Ignore such trivialities!

To all of this stuff and whatever else you may come up with I say: so what? Forget all that does not comply with the Obama narrative. Seek not the truth! You're too late, suckers! The press is in our pocket, Acorn is flipping all the battleground states blue with fraud, McCain is a wimp who refuses to fight back, and the American people are about to be tricked into electing the ultimate Trojan Horse, AND THERE'S NOT A DAMNED THING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT!!!

This election is already over! All your formerly capitalist societies are belong to us!

Now, bow down and worship Him, pigs!!!

h/t: Pam

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