Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Brick in the Head


Thanks to anonymous sources, we here at America is an Obamanation! (and IMAO) have managed to get hold of a secret communique from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to members of the teachers' union regarding the President's live address to our nation's school children this coming Tuesday:

Greetings, my fellow educators and indoctrination coordinators!

As I am certain you are well aware by now, a truly exciting day in the annals of history approaches, as our beloved President will address school children all over this quite plain and undistinguished nation on Tuesday, September 8th, to ask their help in moving this backward, bitter land of bible-clinging troglodytes forward into the glorious international collective of tomorrow.

I hope you are all as excited as I am by this new and hopeful day of change we can all believe in!

By now, you should have received your classroom kits and instructions on how to make this a true moment of insight and enlightenment for all of the good little progressives who have been entrusted to your care. Remember, our Dear Leader is counting on the cooperation of each and every one of you to help undo any damage that may have been inflicted on our poor, dear children by their awful, evil-mongering parental units during this excruciatingly long and painful summer. Thankfully, though, we have them back under our control now and with your hard work and commitment to our just and noble cause, I am quite certain that their young heads full of mush can still be molded into what our Great Society most needs --- conformist worker drones.

Be certain to engage the students in the Party approved activities before, during and after The Great One's sure-to-be awe-inspiring speech. It is imperative that we not miss this opportunity to drive home The Messiah's message to these impressionable young children, so they can begin helping us push our agenda on the American People while we still can.

Unfortunately, some students may not be as cooperative as we might hope. Luckily, there are proven methods of dealing with their misbehavior...

Should that prove ineffective, there is no cause for alarm as we are including several bottles of our newest formula in your classroom kits!

Yours in Faithful "O"bedience,

Arne Duncan

United States Secretary of Education

The Nose on Your Face has an exclusive copy of the original draft of the Dept. of Education's classroom activities sheet.

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