Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Halloween 2009 Cavalcade of Horror!

[Click on any of the images in this post for the full size versions.]

Our Halloween Film Festival of classic horror flicks begins by paying homage to a true giant in the Washington horror industry for many decades whom we tragically lost earlier this year:

But for every great star lost, a new star is born! Presenting the awe-inspiring debut of the most talked about new member of the Washingwood glitterati, the pride of Orlando, Florida... Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson:

And now for the rest of our creature features, each one more terrifying than the last and guaranteed to make your skin crawl... and the liberal media's extremities tingle! Enjoy them all... if you dare! Muwahahahaha!!!:

Goodnight, America. Sweet dreams... Muwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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