Monday, June 30, 2008

Chase H. Michaels

I hear from Nice Deb that my middle name has been discovered.  Before I saw that Obama Girl video, my given middle name was Spenser.  While I did not mind have three first names as my full name, after watching the Obama Girl video, something changed (in my pants).

From that day forward, I wanted to be known as Chase Hussein Michaels.  The fire spread like a nasty rash and now some of my buds have also changed our names to match that of the next President of the United States (aka The One).  What better way to show that you love a guy, than to take his name.   Whoa...did that come out weird?

My buddy Jason "Hussein" Clark likes to tell chicks that he changed his name to Hussein because he's well hung.  Get it? 

Well here is a picture of me, my buds and some local Obama volunteers at a recent event.  At least I think it was an event, we played hacky sack and someone said something about Iraq and the economy, I think.


Anonymous said...


I knew that was you!

ruth said...

I love this site!!!!!!love you all...r. HUSSEIN c.