Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clearly Gallup is in the pocket of the White Man.

So the crackers at Gallup are claiming that Saint Barack Obama (Peace Be Upon Him) is now literally tied with John McCain.

Now, you can say that this bodes extremely well for McCain because the poll was with registered, not likely, voters, which all but guarantees results favouring Democrats. And sure, you could note that the polling sample was quite large. But I know the real reason!


That's right. If you oppose Barack Obama the Miracle Worker, you clearly hate him, and by proxy, you hate black people and probably go to country clubs full of crackers who think exactly the same way as you do.

I mean, it's not like that's exactly the same as say, heading a church full of black people who hate whites, right?

Of course I'm right. I'm just not Right.

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