Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why we should elect the O-man in 08

Chase Michaels again. Here to post another reason you should vote Barack in 2008 (as if you needed another one).

Reason Number 4: Chase's Seal of Approval

Did you see Obama's new campaign seal? Man that thing is sweet. I mean it has everything, eagles, pointy things, herbs.

It has an eagle that represents a big bird, that flies and can carry stuff you may need.

The eagle holds in one claw, basil leaves noting that Barack may be a politician, but he's a politician who can whip up a mean Italian dish with all the right garnishes and herbs. He learned that from his Italian grandmother, Maria Hussien Mancini.

Back to the seal. The eagle is also carrying some toothpicks, so if you get a little basil in your teeth, Barack's eagle will fly down and offer you a tool to extract the basil.

Above the herb/toothpick carrying eagle is "Vero Possumus". Which in Latin means, "I am the possum". I have no idea what Obama meant with that, but it's still awesome.

There's a rumor going around the Barack Blogs that the eagle's head can swivel so that if you don't need the basil at that time, the eagle's head will swivel to face the toothpicks.

Is this man brilliant or what?

Other Reasons
Reason #3: Fist-bump of change
Reason #2: Susan Sarandon (sort of)
Reason #1: Obama girls are easy

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