Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama Leads in Poles

Why bother holding an election, man?  News from the venerable LA Times states that B-Rock "or die" Obama  leads John "I'm old" McCain 87% to 44%.  I mean, why put us through a summer of commercials and debates?

Thankfully Obama reversed his decision on accepting public funds.  With all that money (including the $23.45 that I sent) O-man can put ads everywhere.   AWESOME!  I can continue to see Obama ads on the sidebar every time I open my email!  While McCain kept his word and will be relegated to airing ads on the Home and Garden network in the 3-4am time slot.  Take that Sucker.

Back to that LA Times poll that shows Obama leading 87 to 44%.  People are complaining that the LA Times took their poll at a bus stop in Harlem.  So what?  They also supplemented that sample by polling people outside a Whole Foods store in Vail, Colorado.  See, the poll was fair and balanced.

Update: Sorry man, I got it wrong on the polling places.  The Whole Foods in Boulder was the location of the polling (not Vail) as well as next to the taco bar at the Kitteredge dining hall on the campus of Colorado University.
Thanks Alice.  


Alice H said...


There is no Whole Foods in Vail. The sample must have been supplemented by one of the four Whole Foods locations in Boulder.

Vail is much more conservative than Boulder, so it wouldn't really be a good place to get a random sampling, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't "Poles" be spelled "Polls"?

Alice H said...

Don't rag on Chase, he's a proud product of our public schools!

Anonymous said...

Obama may well lose the election. Good lord the man is to loud. If he hates the USA so much he should go. Remember Hitler wanted change also and ran with narrow minded youth vote. To Bad Oblama does not have the S.S. I hope the kind of ugliness obama loves goes away. Cant even listen to his stumbling, Duhh.. um...der... We dont want homer Simpson in the office. Duh... erm.. um...uh... Also his wife is a stand in for a horror movie, my god.. please obama supporters fade away.

Anonymous said...

it's not obamanation it's abomination.