Monday, June 9, 2008

VP Choice

Honestly now, I think that the best choice for a Vice Presidential nominee would be...


Why?, you ask.

I'll tell you why.
  1. I'm old. I'll be 80 on the day Little Barry turns 47. Young/old. That works.
  2. I have the experience of those years to balance Barry's inexperience of years.
  3. I am unmarried. I was a good girl as a girl and I've never married and I'm still a good girl. Barry wouldn't have to worry about his VP "partying down" or getting into trouble.
  4. Constitutionally, the VP has just two jobs. President of the Senate to break ties and back up in case the President is incapacitated in some way. Barry's very healthy - look at that picture his wife posted below - you know, the one in the surf! - he's very healthy! - so I wouldn't need to actually be backup...
  5. If I kicked the bucket before Barry's term is up, why he'd have the opportunity to choose whoever he wants to replace me, without worrying about electability...
  6. I'm a really cute little old lady. I could travel to places and be really effective. Everybody loves a cute little old lady.
I may live in a home now, but the Vice President's residence at the Naval Observatory has a staff of its own. And so does the Vice President. And Secret Service protection too. And Air Force Two! Oh my, this is so exciting to think about!

I need my paper bag again!

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