Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Burn The New Yorker

Whoa, Chase is back! Man I just spent 4 days waiting outside an Apple store for the new iPhone. I still don't have an iPhone, mainly because the store I was waiting outside of was actually an Applebee's. That is the last time I will share brownies with any of the Hussein crew.

Back to talking about Barack Obama. Have you seen the latest cover of some right-wingnut publication that probably has ads for Faux News? The New Yorker. Such a hateful publication should be banned from printing. Who gives them the right to do such a thing?

Well in case you missed it, the cover of this rethuglican magazine has a cartoon of the blessed prophet Obama and his wife in the oval office. Check it out for yourself, don't let a blogger make up your mind on an important issue like denouncing this radical right-wing cartoon.

I mean, come on! Michelle would never be caught dead in combat boots. Also, how does The New Yorker expect the first couple to sit in such a small chair? Outrageous!


locomotivebreath1901 said...

"rethuglican magazine"


Now that's satire.....

Chase Michaels said...

New Yorker? Everyone knows the last Republican in New York moved away last April.

Anonymous said...

Plus, Michelle doesn't wear her hair in a giant fro. They totally got that wrong.

Kenneth said...