Monday, July 14, 2008

Nuts to this, I'm voting McCain.

Greetin's, mah fellow Ah-murr-icans. (Shrugs shoulders)

Now, undoubtedly, many ah-of y'all saw mah comments as a sahn that ah do not wanna leave the spot light for a younger, ah-more dah-namic man, ah-such as Bah-rock Obama. Ah-never the less, this is ah-simp-lah not ah-true.

Nah-ther is it (twitches violently) ah-true that ah want the uninformed masses to stay downtrodden and not have ah real role-model to ah-look up to. It's not like not they're gonna behave better if their main Lord and Emperor is grievance mongerin' hypocrite, right?

Irregahdless, ah have ah-decided to throw mah ah-support behind ah-Sen-at-uh John McCain. He, like ah-mahself, has been a victim of unfair attacks on his children, but unlike ah-mahself, he has had the decency to father (and adopt) his children ah-within wedlock.

So, in collusion, vote for ah-John McCain, ah-true Man of the People, both black and cracker. And if y'all don't, ah'll cut your n*ts off.

Wait, why can't ah say "n*ts"? Get that stupid asterisk out of mah vulgarism, you racist, Puritanical bastards!

Oh, well. Ah guess it's back to the shakin' down corporations for money for me. Ah-see y'all in Hymietown, and ah-keep hope ah-lahve! (Shakes uncontrollably and collapses to floor)

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