Friday, September 19, 2008

Get ready for "Obama The Musical"

You can't make this stuff up. A new play, "Obama The Musical" will debut in October in London, as the London Telegraph tells us.

Written and produced by the Ohio-born Teddy Hayes, The Obama musical focuses on the personalities behind the Democratic candidate's campaign.

Songs in the show, due to receive its premiere at Barons Court Theatre next month, include "Obama and Me," which is sung by an obsessive member (My note: Aren't they all?) of his team and includes the lyric: "We are a pair/like chocolate and éclair."

Hayes said: "I've done a bit of work for the Obama campaign and this is a send-up of what happens behind the scenes."

Obama shouldn't get too excited, because it's pretty clear the Brits look down on Americans, particularly Chicagoans. London is where "Jerry Springer: The Opera" was first performed.

These lyrics may or may notbe from "Obama and Me."

We are a pair
like chocolate and éclair
Where for money to go?
I know--Tony Rezko
From Reverend Wright--it's prayers
For radical advice--it's Bill Ayers

I know this song will be a big hit. Father Michael Pfleger's guitar solo halfway into it impresses even Hillary Clinton.

Okay, I guess I can make one thing up.

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