Sunday, September 7, 2008

My View Of The Conventions

Now that I've had time to process everything that I saw and heard at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, I'd like to share some of my thoughts.

First, the DNC:

It was pure magic...I'm having trouble finding the do you describe the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to a rainbow... 'Hey, stop being a rainbow for a second'? Such was the Democratic National Convention.

Our women are strong, and independent women. How independent? Well two of them, Nancy Pelosi, and Kathleen Sebelius have been called out by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church for their brave stances on abortion. These strong Catholic women aren't afraid to spit in the eyes of "Holy Mother Church" and tell it what's what. That is strength. That is character. Hearing them speak was invigorating.

The week climaxed with Senator Obama's rousing speech in front of that inspired Greek temple, a sight to behold. I could well imagine how the followers of Christ felt, listening to the sermon on the mount; the only thing missing in Denver were the loaves and fishes. Yes I felt tingly all could I not?

Then there was .....the Republican Convention. *sniff* ....I was made to feel.....unwelcome at the convention, so I didn't go. But I did get to watch it on T.V. , and I came to the conclusion that Republicans can be very, very, VERY scary people. My goodness--that Fred Thompson and his uncouth barbs at The One....was that really called for?

Wednesday night, however, was the night when the caca really hit the fan as far as I'm concerned. Rudy Giuliani was absolutely terrifying. My God.....I ....I just want to block it out of my memory. Such harsh words directed towards our Messiah! Was that really necessary? But just when I didn't think it could get any worse.....SHE appeared.

Yes, I realize that the V.P. candidate is traditionally, the "attack dog" of the campaign.....but she took it far beyond the call of duty. In fact, one smart military blogger described her as "some mutant form of Super Killer Attack Dog -- an attack dog people actually bother listening to and believe."

That's not good! Not good at all. She's a very bad lady, and the media is right to be looking closely at her resume...and her husband's, and her children's, and baby Trig's. These people must be stopped, so that we can carry on with the coronation of The Lamb of Chicago.

I was immediately told by insiders of the 'O' campaign that the snide, mean-spirited, and sarcastic tone of these speeches was going to cost the McCain camp many points in the polls. I'm sure that will be the case!

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