Monday, August 4, 2008

Why we should elect the O-man in 08

Chase Michaels again, reminding you that if you don't vote for Barack, you're obviously a racist bigot. And stupid.

Reason Number 5: The O-Force

When the evil hordes of undead old Republican corporate oilmen come up from the South for the blessed progressive virgin(s) like Allison O'Keefe , who ya going to call?


(cue intro music)

duumm dum dum dun....THE O-FORCE - coming to save the freaking day.... O-Force....Gonna put a smile up on ya face.....O-Force..dum dun..O-Force...Gonna turn that frown...upside down...o-force ..I cannot hear you...O-FORCE!

My name is Chase and I'm a....uhhh "Staff" Sergent in the O-Force. I wear a cape and my superpower is the powerful "O-Face". You know? O-Face. Get it? We fly in our O-Force One jet, piloted by Captain Jimmy Hope and Co-Pilot Bob Change. Together with our leader - The O-Man, we are here to save the day. Stand back, we're professionals.


So ladies, vote for Obama and maybe one day all your dreams will come true and you can ride on O-Force One. But only if your hot and over 18 (15 in Kentucky).

Other Reasons
Reason #4: Chase's Seal of Approval
Reason #3: The Fist Bump of Change
Reason #2: Susan Sarandon (sort of)
Reason #1: Obama girls are easy


Paul Mitchell said...

It was pointed out to me a couple of days ago that I was a racist because I refuse to vote for Barry. Who would have ever deduced that "stupid" was a race?

I was shocked, but I will promote reparations for their plight.

fatcatdaddy said...

hey dude up here in ole' Kentucky 15 year olds are past their prime. 12 year olds are much more sporting so long as we don't have to chase them over rough ground cause we is all barefooted and toothless! hope my boy oduma is on no force one come november