Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why we should elect the O-man in 08

Hey guys, Chase here...sorry I haven't posted lately, things have been really crazy. The truth is I've been on a very top super-secret mission of utmost importance to Team Obama code named "Vote-or-they-Die". The project I've been working on will surely lead the unrepentant 50% of Amerikkka (aka - the racists) to vote for Barack Obama.

Reason Number 9: Vote for Obama or these kidnapped kids will be fed to a tank of rabid piranhas

I know it sounds horrible, but we really...really want Obama to win. So much so that we are willing to sacrifice the lives of these cute little kids to make that happen. You see, the O-Team is at the end of a medium-sized list of ideas to make people vote for Obama. What else can we do to show the rest of America that voting for Obama is the only logical thing to do? You know, other than this?

Check out the video we made for Project Vote-or-they-Die! Kids will sing the darnedest things when you withhold food and cartoons from them.

Note: This post is approved in the 49 free states. Those reading this post in Missouri are doing so at their own risk. The owners of this site will not bail you out of jail if Obama's Truth Squad catches you reading any non-approved materials (which we are pretty sure includes this site).

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