Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why we should elect the O-man in 08

Woah. Chase here and let me tell you, they don't call Denver the "mile-high" city for nothing. Yes, I was there for the DNC. No, I don't remember anything. I tried to get into Obama's little speech on Thursday, but The One didn't choose me to join him backstage (I even told him I was a Republican war vet poor first time voter female immigrant). I was also few million dollars short on the fund raising criteria to get in.

Reason Number 7: Experience matters, MILFs don't

I finally woke up on Fridayish and saw the news, McCain has picked a total MILF for his "running mate". My first reaction was "woah, she looks hot". Then the news images started coming in and I was like "woah, she looks hot holding a machine gun". Later I was watching CNN and I was like "woah, her daughter is hot and easy". Both can be VP (in my pants).

The neo-thugs love her. The females love her. Apparently, even Joe Biden thinks she's hot.

Unfortunately, there's the nasty business of the "(R)" next to her name, so that means we must end the puppy love and start tearing her apart.

Do we really want to have someone who has ZERO foreign experience just a heartbeat away from the presidency? No, we want someone with years of foreign experience a heartbeat away from the presidency!

The fact is Joe Biden has a clean and articulate record, Palin does not.

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Other Reasons
Reason #6: Georgia on my mind
Reason #5: The O-Force
Reason #4: Chase's Seal of Approval
Reason #3: The Fist Bump of Change
Reason #2: Susan Sarandon (sort of)
Reason #1: Obama girls are easy

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